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Airport Managua

Armadillo Nicaragua is a full service operator. That means that we offer besides car rental also transfer services (including Managua airport pick up) and tours. When you are looking for that last type of services, please have a look here.

Armadillo Nicaragua has its office in Granada.  There do we expect our clients to pick up and return the rental car.  Nevertheless, many clients arrive in Nicaragua in Managua by airplane and leave the same way.  To facilitate these clients we offer two alternatives. However, they only apply when flight arrival/departure times are between 7 AM and 8 PM.
The first alternative is that we bring the rental car to the airport and the client returns the car to us also on the airport  Because both times we have to send a second car and driver to the airport, we charge U$80 in total for this service. The second alternative is that we pick the client up at the airport in the rental car and we hand over the vehicle in Granada.  We accept the car on return in Granada as well, and we bring the client to the airport.  For this service we charge U$28, when both transfers take place in daytime.  It is U$38 when both are in nighttime (after 6 PM), and U$33 when one of them is in nighttime.  However, outside the 7 AM - 8 PM timeframe we apply full transfer rates. Obviously the second alternative is only possible if there is enough space in the vehicle for our driver as well.
Of course belongs a combination of the two alternatives also to the possibilities. Sometimes our rental clients want us to take them to their final destination.  We do that as well.

Please note that in both alternatives the client is already paying for the use of the rental car at the moment it leaves Granada and keeps on doing that until it is accepted by us as returned, in Granada.  Also, the client assumes the costs of airport parking and all the fuel for the rental car.  Finally, if there is any other cost like a municipal tax, charged for the rental and/or our other vehicle, that will have to be paid by the client as well.  Tickets are excluded, of course.

It is very well possible that your flight arrives in the evening.  Especially when you want to go south to the Tola or San Juan del Sur areas we recommend you to spend the first night in Granada.  We can pick you up from the airport and drop you off at the hotel of your choice in Granada, and the next morning you pick up your rental vehicle.  In daylight is much easier to find your way and you can better enjoy the surroundings.  It will be a much more relaxing experience, and Granada is worthwhile a visit.

When you use our airport transfer service we could take you if desired to the market in Masaya at some additional cost.  The Masaya market offers a wide choice of locally produced items of good quality, like hammocks, paintings, pottery, woodcraft and clothes.  We can help you to get good prices.   Click here for a map.

The distance between Managua airport and Granada is about 50 kilometers and the driving time is around 45 minutes.  Have a look at this map to see how to drive from the airport to Masaya, Granada and further south (Rivas, Tola, San Juan del Sur).  The distance between Granada and town of San Juan del Sur is 100 km or 1.5 hours.  How to cross Granada from Armadillo Nicaragua to go south?  Have a look here.

You do not have to be a car rental client to use our airport transfer services.

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